REMAX Sports Music Bluetooth V5.0 Wireless Earphone, Support Hands-free - [RB-S27]

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Brand: REMAX
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Remax Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Neckband Earphone With Noise Canceling  Earphones V4.1 [RB-S17]

REMAX RB-S27 WIRELESS SPORTS EARPHONE——Music and freedom always with you!


1. Wireless V5.0 technology with low power consumption and high compatibility

2. IPX7 waterproof, fearless of sweat and rain

3. A weight of 10g, compact portability for a comfortable fit

4. With strong magnetic suction, angle-free for easier storage

5. Three-button wired control with a sensitive response, easy to use



Color:elegant black

Headset category: smart headset

Waterproofing: IPX7

Usage: in-ear style

Transmission radius: 10m

Whether one or two ears: bilateral stereo

Play duration:10

charging time:1.5

Standby time:140h

Battery capacity:90h

Transmission radius: 10m headset

Connection between left and right cavities: wired connection

Dust resistance: IP6X

Connection: Bluetooth








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